May 28, 2015


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It’s Been a Busy Year

After more than six months since breaking ground, the model house at Echo Hills Cottages is in the finishing stages. Fighting the weather, we completed the foundation by early spring and have since moved forward with relative smooth sailing. We have now slowed down the … [Read More...]

Breaking Ground at Echo Hills Cottages

After being hung up in permitting for several months, we got the green light around the beginning of the year and broke ground on the first house in our pocket neighborhood in Asheville. Although January isn't an ideal time of the year for starting new construction, we were … [Read More...]

The Collaborative Culture at Echo Hills Cottages

I recently put together a document related to the culture we intend to nurture in the intentional neighborhood of Echo Hills Cottages. I thought I would share it here and would love to hear your response. Introduction: Echo Hills Cottages is an “intentional” pocket … [Read More...]

Echo Hills Site Plan

It has been a while since I posted last, as we have been hung up in bureaucracy as we pursue permitting for Echo Hills Cottages. I decided to focus on architectural design, thinking I could work on the infrastructure while the first house was being built. I was mostly right … [Read More...]


  a world built on collaboration rather than competition... a world in which all people thrive, where not only the fittest survive... a world where all perspectives are honored, all gifts are valued, and no one's need is unmet...   I hope some day you'll … [Read More...]